Transforming Camping Trailers : Domino camping trailer


The Offline Campers ‘Domino’ camping trailer is a shapeshifting solution for avid explorers and campers alike that will enable them to enjoy impressive amenities from anywhere. The camping trailer is built with the Australian outback in mind and is designed for smaller families thanks to a series of impressive internal as well as external amenities. This includes ample sleeping area, a slide out kitchen and even a series of solar panels on the roof that will relay power to the 200Ah lithium battery pack.

The Offline Campers ‘Domino’ camping trailer is priced starting at $50,000 and addresses the need for efficiently designed equipment to accommodate couples or families looking to take trips on their own terms. This has become more prevalent in recent years, but has surged in recent months as travelers seek out safer ways to travel locally.

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