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Football’s Darkest Secret

9pm, BBC One

Three years in the making, this three-part documentary from Daniel Gordon examines the widespread historical abuse that took place in youth football in Britain. Interviewing survivors and the journalists and authorities trying to bring the story to light, Gordon opens on the 2016 accusation of abuse Andy Woodward levelled at his youth coach Barry Bennell and the experiences in the 70s of former players Paul Stewart and David White. Ammar Kalia

Dispatches: The High Street Cash Crisis

8pm, Channel 4

Numerous retail chains have disappeared in the past 12 months, but was the pandemic really to blame? Antony Barnett investigates the phenomenon of big shops being owned by private equity firms, which tend to cream off plenty of money whether or not the business survives. Jack Seale


9pm, ITV

The superlative police drama continues and the cold case gets ever warmer as the shrewd, likable detective duo Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) and Cassie Stewart (Nicola Walker) inch closer to finding out what happened to Walsh. But, as the endgame approaches, a devastating event opens up a new range of possibilities. Phil Harrison

24 Hours in Police Custody

9pm, Channel 4

The true crime docuseries returns with four new episodes. Tonight, a 23-year-old man is arrested in Bedfordshire, accused of committing a string of crimes. The police ultimately let him go owing to a lack of new evidence, but when he is named in an assault only days later, they rush to track him down. AK

Storyville: Undercover OAP – The Mole Agent

9pm, BBC Four

Romulo Aitken (left) and Sergio Chamy in a scene from The Mole Agent
Romulo Aitken (left) and Sergio Chamy in The Mole Agent. Photograph: AP

Shortlisted for best documentary at the 2021 Oscars, this charming film from the director Maite Alberdi follows Sergio Chamy, an 83-year-old Chilean man who is recruited by a private investigator to go undercover in a nursing home to expose allegations of abuse. There, he soon befriends the residents. AK

Hoarder Homes: No Room to Move

9pm, Channel 5

In beautiful Bath, Paul’s “car boot cottage” looks like a bomb site. Meanwhile, in Middlesbrough, two self-confessed “houseworkphobes” require the assistance of an extreme cleaner. Somehow, amid the piles of clutter, this documentary creates space for hoarders to tell their stories. Ellen E Jones

Film choice

Piggy and Ralph in Lord of the Flies
Piggy (Hugh Edwards) and Ralph (James Aubry) in Lord of the Flies. Photograph: Two Arts/Sportsphoto /Allstar

Lord of the Flies (Peter Brook, 1963), 9.50pm, Talking Pictures TV
A simple but effective adaptation of William Golding’s novel about a band of English schoolboys who lapse into savagery after their plane crashes on a remote tropical island. Peter Brook makes the most of the thrill of the hunt and the eeriness of the dead pilot, while the young cast are impressive. Paul Howlett

Live sport

Snooker: Tour Championship 12.45pm, ITV4. Day one coverage from Newport, Wales.

Cricket: West Indies v Sri Lanka 1.45m, BT Sport 1. The second day of the first Test in the two-match series.

Netball: Team Bath v Strathclyde Sirens 5pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Followed by Leeds Rhinos v Severn Stars at 6.45pm.

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