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Lessons must be learned quickly amid widespread concern over the policing of the Clapham Common vigil in London for murdered Sarah Everard.

The determination of Met Police commissioner Cressida Dick to stay in her post and reject calls to resign suggests that she retains the political support of Home Secretary Priti Patel and appreciates that public reaction is divided.

Denunciations of officers arresting women are accompanied by other voices which insist Covid laws must be enforced and that the police were placed in an impossible position.

The report from the Met’s chief, requested by the Home Secretary, should be delivered without delay and shared with the wider public to inform a reasoned debate.

Sarah Everard’s killing and sickening accounts from women of regular abuse on our streets are why we must improve safety for all.

Women who can see the police on their side would turn their attackers into the pursued.

People around the UK have paid tribute to Sarah Everard
People around the UK have paid tribute to Sarah Everard

NHS pay plea

National Health Service staff deserve pay rises above Boris Johnson’s insulting 1% and the only question is how much.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner, once a low-paid care worker, speaks for the majority after the NHS workforce put their lives on the line to save lives during the ongoing pandemic.

Doubling the derisory offer should be a starting point for talks and longer term what is required is a plan to improve significantly the wages not only of nurses but everybody who makes the NHS our most precious service.

Until the Prime Minister puts his hand in his pocket after he thanked those who saved his own life, Johnson will be accused of hypocrisy.

Magic mums

Children, grandchildren and even ­great-grandchildren yesterday honoured our mums and mams on Mother’s Day.

We should all try to be as caring and loving on the other 364 days of the year because mums deserve special attention all the time.

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