Woman horrified as partner stabbed 15 times in brutal killing right in front of her


A horrified woman watched as her partner was stabbed to death in front of her in a vicious killing carried out by masked men.

Michael Gallagher, 60, was knifed 15 times in the savage onslaught as his partner Sally Rodgers looked on.

He was set upon by two masked men who barged into their home shortly after 10pm on January 18, 2007.

Police are still baffled as to why the father-of-five was targeted and officers never managed to discover a motive.

Now, the 65-year-old is desperately searching for answers and wants justice for the unprovoked attack, the Irish Mirror reports.

She said she believes it was a case of mistaken identity and wants to know why he was killed and added she will not give up fighting for justice.

The violence happened at a house in Tallaght, South Dublin, Ireland.

Sally Rodgers, widow of Michael Gallagher
Sally Rodgers, widow of Michael Gallagher

Ms Rodgers opened the door to two men, one armed with a knife and the other carrying a hammer.

She said ‘there was no shouting’ during the violence, and added: “It’s not like Michael had a row earlier and these people followed him home or anything.

“I always feel, and it’s my own feelings on it, that those two men were sent.

“I have no idea or reason as to why someone would want to do that to Michael, I honestly don’t know.”

And she said the memories of witnessing her loving partner being killed on front of her still haunt her.

She added: “The memories of what happened are always there. You learn to live alongside it but it’s always there.

“Different things can then trigger things in you. If I see someone even in a film going to open a door, I get panicky. I’m nearly shouting, ‘Why would you open a door when you can’t see through it’.

“And if someone wears black gloves, I almost lose the plot. But I couldn’t tell you if those people had black gloves on, it’s just my mind, somewhere in there.

“I was boring old Sally and I was happy being that. I was very happy with what I had.”

Mrs Rodgers said she moved from the house where the attack happened in recent years and she has used various coping mechanisms to help her get through the tough times.

She said: “For years I had to have the television and radio on constantly to distract me. It was absolutely terrible.

“To witness it as well as being attacked as well. You just learn to live alongside it.

“You are just always waiting and hoping. Even when my phone rings sometimes I jump and think, ‘Maybe it’s to do with the case’. The people who killed Michael are still out there and getting on with their lives, that’s how I see it.”

She said that 14 years on it still sometimes feels like it happened yesterday while other times ‘it feels like a lifetime ago.’

She added: “I still miss him so much. The Guards currently have no suspects, no motive. They need someone to give information.

“Please come forward, anyone who knows anything or those involved, and just tell me why.”

Anyone with information about Michael’s death can contact the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111.

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