Wood-Mimicking Furniture Sets – Raffaello Galiotto Designs a…


The Italian outdoor furniture brand Nardi decided to tap designer Raffaello Galiotto for a chic and durable stool and table collection. There is something special about the Stack Stool and the Combo Table, however. Their exterior is made to mimic the texture and appearance of strips of wood. Thus, Raffaello Galiotto drew inspiration from the timeless aesthetic of traditional timber furniture. However, the stool and table he produced for Nardi were made out of 100 percent recyclable regenerated polypropylene. This actually contributes to the lightness of the pieces and because Nardi treated the Stack Stool and the Combo Table, the two are weatherproof, durable, and suitable for outdoor use. To top it all off, Nardi’s collection is adjustable and space-saving—the stools can be stacked, and table’s height can be adjusted.

Image Credit: Nardi

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