You Can Buy The Latest Supermodel Approved It-Bag on Amazon


Every season, designers unveil a new wave of luxury purses to be worn on the arm of tastemakers, leaving stars spoiled for choice. So when they decide to eschew the familiar big names in favor of an under-the-radar option, it’s worth noting—especially if it’s affordable, too.

Yesterday, when Emily Ratajkowski stepped out in Manhattan, the modeling star’s striking accessories almost overshadowed her viral denim bra. Dressed in her offbeat take on the Canadian tuxedo, Ratajkowski complimented her Prada double denim with a golden shoulder bag from Los Angeles label JW Pei. The Gabbi miniature hobo features a distinctive ruched handled and vegan leather, but its biggest selling point may be the price—currently available for $70, it’s an on-trend steal.

Jason Merritt/Radarpics/Shutterstock

Ratajkowski owns the Gabbi in three colorways—yellow, orange, and a golden tone dubbed “beer”—but she isn’t the only fashion insider who has taken to the style. In April, the reliably early trend adopter Irina Shayk wore her own all-black version while out in New York with daughter Lea de Seine. The inexpensive piece looked like a million bucks and was the perfect compliment to the supermodel’s Vivienne Westwood coat and Chrome Hearts shades.

Naturally, any item that receives the seal of approval from two of fashion’s most influential models is destined to grab the attention of influencers, with a trip through the JW Pei hashtag revealing selfies from notables like Tessa Barton and Jessica Wang. But even more notably, perhaps, is that alongside the online glitterati are hundreds of regular people. Affordable, cruelty-free, and currently available on the brand’s website or even via Amazon Prime, the Gabbi is proof that you don’t need to be famous to get your hands on this summer’s perfect It-bag.

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